Save 1900 acres of California

A Spanish company is angling to build a new vineyard in the town of Annapolis, California. Sounds fine, right?

But the plans call for:

Destroying 140 acres of majestic redwood forest,
Building the vineyard on top of the ancient burial grounds of the Kashia Pomo tribe (many of whom still live and worship in those woods), and
Harming the Gualala River, home to endangered salmon and other at-risk wildlife.

California resident Marie Casias likes wine, but she thinks this is crazy -- and people around the country are starting to agree. Marie's petition on calling on the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and other officials to put a stop to this is growing quickly. And we've jumped in to help her out by asking you to sign it too.
It's not often that the folks at the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection receive this kind of national attention. Imagine their faces as your message, and messages from 50 states, start accumulating in support of protecting the forest. They'll almost certainly think twice before approving the proposal.

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