It’s high time to protect kids from chlorpyrifos

The science on chlorpyrifos is crystal clear. Researchers have linked this widely used insecticide to serious childhood health harms for years.
Recent studies show that chlorpyrifos can damage children’s developing brains, reducing IQ and increasing the risk of autism. Yet EPA is — inexcusably — proposing that use of the chemical continue.
Protect kids, now! » EPA is taking comments on its latest health risk review for chlorpyrifos. Using faulty models and relying on industry studies, the agency’s assessment once again seriously underestimates harms to children. Tell Administrator Gina McCarthy her agency needs to get it right.
Home use of chlorpyrifos was banned over a decade ago, precisely because science showed a risk to children’s health. Yet it continues to be used in agricultural fields across the country.
Residues are found on many fruits and vegetables, including common childhood favorites like grapes, apples and peaches. Children in rural areas are particularly at risk, since the pesticide can also drift into nearby homes and schools — a risk EPA consistently underestimates.
Action is long overdue » Their own flawed review finds that farmworkers are in harm’s way, and raises concerns about infant health harms. It’s high time for EPA to take action protecting children, workers and communities across the country from this harmful chemical.

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