Nevada's mule deer population threatened by gold mine

The world's largest gold mining company – Barrick Gold – wants to expand the Bald Mountain Mine in eastern Nevada. But Barrick's plan threatens the migratory path of the Ruby Mountain Herd, Nevada's largest mule deer herd.
Tell the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) not to ignore sound science! Because Barrick is telling BLM -- manager of lands owned by all Americans -- to do exactly that.
Barrick has:
- Told BLM not to use recent radio collar data collected by the Nevada Department of Wildlife;
- Hired consultants specifically to refute the findings of the Department of Wildlife; and even
- Refused to agree to future mine plan modifications if continued study of the mine expansion shows negative impacts to the herd.
Not only does Barrick – a Canadian company – seem to think it knows more about Nevada's deer than Nevadans, but it has said that even if the impacts are severe, it won't change the way it does business.
Tell the BLM to protect Nevada's mule deer from mining!

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