Hold ExxonMobil Accountable for Climate Change Cover-Up

For years, tobacco companies hid the science that showed that cigarettes were killing people. Now, it’s being reported that oil giant ExxonMobil sat on decades' worth of studies that indicated that fossil fuels are killing the planet.
Sources are reporting that ExxonMobil’s own researchers were aware of the devastating climate impact of fossil fuel extraction and consumption as far back as 1981. In fact, a Los Angeles Times investigation revealed that in 1992, one of Exxon’s scientists told company executives that “potential global warning can only help lower exploration and development costs” in the Arctic region.
Despite what it knew, ExxonMobil has spent $31 million since 1998 to fund climate-denier think tanks and politicians, while keeping its research out of the hands of the concerned public.
Its time for ExxonMobil to tell the American people what it knows.
Sign the petition to demand a Department of Justice investigation on ExxonMobil’s climate change cover-up.

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