TripAdvisor Inc. is profiting from wildlife exploitation

With its 2015 income reaching almost $1.5bn, TripAdvisor Inc.’s influence on the tourism industry is immense. But it is choosing to profit from the horrific abuse of wild animals in tourist entertainment rather than help protect them.
Our investigations reveal that TripAdvisor is profiting through the sale of tickets to venues that force wild animals to entertain tourists. It sells these tickets through Viator, a travel and tour booking company it acquired in 2014.
Last year The University of Oxford reviewed 188 wildlife venues featured on TripAdvisor and found that 75% of the different types of attractions involve wildlife cruelty. TripAdvisor’s Viator sells tickets for a number of these exact types of attractions. We have approached TripAdvisor on numerous occasions but they have been reluctant to work with us and are failing to take action to protect wild animals.

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