Protect vital Western waters from toxic waste

This September, the EPA proposed adding the abandoned, toxic Anaconda Mine site near Yerington, Nevada to the National Priorities List (i.e. Superfund) so that cleanup can be completed.
The Superfund Law provides federal funding to clean up hazardous waste sites.
Adding the Anaconda Mine site to the list of sites that need Superfund help is an historic step forward. The toxins left behind by the abandoned mine have been polluting the area, including local drinking water supplies, for at least 30 years. Nearby residents must drink bottled water because of radionuclides in their well water.
The battle to add the site to the EPA Superfund list has gone on for more than a dozen years. Now is our chance to take this fight to the finish line.
Tell EPA to put the Anaconda Mine on the National Priorities List and clean up the abandoned and polluting site!

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