Help end the trade of conflict minerals

Help end the trade of conflict minerals

Tell the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to stop dragging its feet and issue conflict mineral rules.
The Dodd-Frank Act aims to put an end to the trade in conflict minerals -- specifically those which fund atrocities in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) -- by requiring companies to disclose whether they're using minerals from the region.
The idea being, consumers and investors can use that information to pressure companies to act more responsibly. Great, right?
Well, for that to work, the SEC has to issue rules telling companies how to comply with Dodd-Frank. And the SEC has been dragging its feet.
It was supposed to issue new rules within 270 days of Dodd-Frank passage, but it has been over 530 days… and still no rules. All while people in the DRC continue to suffer.
Join us in demanding that the SEC issue strong conflict minerals rules by the end of January.
This is important because conflict minerals fuel human rights abuses, murders, rapes, and war. These minerals could be in our phones, on our ring fingers, or in our cars. Congress took action by passing the law; it's now time for the SEC to step up.
TAKE ACTION: Tell the SEC to issue strong rules for conflict minerals!

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