Stop trashing the world's waters

Stop trashing the world's waters

March 22, is celebrated globally as World Water Day. With 7 billion people on the planet, the world's rivers, lakes, streams and oceans are more overstretched than ever.

So we should be working to sustain and strengthen these precious resources, right?
Tell that to the mining industry. They seem to have missed that memo.
Every year, gold, copper and other metals mines dump over 180 million tons of mine waste into the world's waters – and much of this contaminated with toxic chemicals such as arsenic and lead.
This massive dumping is taking a tremendous toll on communities and ecosystems from Alaska and Canada to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
This World Water Day, tell the mining industry to stop trashing our waters!
Thus far, just one major mining company, Australia's BHP Billiton, has a written policy against dumping wastes into rivers and oceans, and not one has a policy against dumping in lakes.

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