La papa transgénica también es un problema

You say potato, I say... trouble

Apparently even the humble potato isn't safe from the biotech industry. There's now a genetically engineered (GE) potato up for approval in the USDA, and it's making public health activists cringe.
The potato, created by biotech company J.R. Simplot, has been altered to reduce "problems" that normal potatoes have, like black-spot browning. But altering even one enzyme in a plant can unintentionally affect other characteristics of the potato as well, meaning that there may be unintended health risks that we don't yet know about. Will you tell the USDA before July 2nd not to approve this under-tested and potentially unsafe GE potato?
The company intends to use its GE potato in processed foods like french fries and potato chips, and may even market the crop as a "healthier alternative" to normal potatoes. Such advertising would be incredibly misleading, because without more testing it's impossible to know what negative effects this GE potato could have on our bodies. Tell the USDA not to approve this new, under-tested genetically engineered potato.
Once approved, the GE potato will likely be unlabeled. Because shoppers won't be able to tell the difference between regular potatoes and genetically engineered ones, they will have no way to avoid GE potatoes if they prefer not to eat them. We have just a few weeks to convince the USDA not to approve this GE potato — sign the petition today!

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