Minería de uranio en montañas sagradas de México

Protect sacred mountains and desert Southwest water

For the first time in 30 years, New Mexico may open its doors to uranium mining.
Even while New Mexicans are burdened with the enormous financial liability of past mining bad practices, the state and U.S. Forest Service are considering allowing the Canadian company Strathmore Minerals and the Japanese company Sumitomo to open the Roca Honda Mine on Mt. Taylor, west of Albuquerque.
But Mt. Taylor is no place for a mine. It is a sacred site that needs to be protected. Shrines, pilgrimage trails, traditional medicines, and springs are all at risk of being destroyed by new mining.
The Roca Honda mine would steal water from New Mexico's future. The mine would pump and use millions of water a day to operate the mine. Where would the water come from? Aquifers that communities need for future use.

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