Keep toxic fracking waste off our rivers!

Fracking creates millions of gallons of wastewater that's laden with toxic and sometimes radioactive chemicals.
Now, the Coast Guard is considering allowing fracking waste to be shipped on barges down the Ohio River.
A special oil & gas industry loophole in national environmental law exempts its waste. The result? Fracking's hazardous waste is magically called nonhazardous, even though it can contain heavy metals or benzene.
o if fracking waste is sent down our rivers it won't be governed by the same safeguards as other toxics. It will be treated as nonhazardous.
Unfortunately, spills are almost inevitable -- two 2013 barge accidents have already caused serious oil spills. And when spills occur, they will contaminate the drinking water of the 3 million people who get their water from the Ohio River.
Tell the Coast Guard to keep fracking waste off our rivers!

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