Tell EPA: Keep Dow's 2,4-D crops off the market

Right now, EPA is reviewing Dow's "new use" application for 2,4-D to be used with the corporation's genetically engineered (GE) corn and soybeans. Before the public comment period closes on June 30, will you speak up to protect farmers and healthy communities?
Tell EPA 2,4-D crops are a bad idea! The widespread use of 2,4-D that will accompany these new GE seeds will threaten the health of rural communities and the livelihood of farmers.
USDA has signaled it will likely approve the seeds, but without EPA greenlighting the "new use" of 2,4-D that would accompany these crops, they'll never go to the market.
The stakes are staggering. Scientists estimate that widespread planting of Dow’s 2,4-D corn could trigger a 25-fold increase in the pesticide's use, from an estimated 4.2 million lbs. at present to over 100 million lbs. by 2019.

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