Non-toxic 'taters for world famous fries

Rural communities in northern Minnesota are fed up with pesticides drifting from nearby potato fields into their homes, schools and farms. They want it to stop. 
This chemical-intensive production supplies McDonald’s with its world famous fries. The grassroots Toxic Taters Coalition is pressing the fast food giant to buy potatoes grown in safer ways — and they’re once again asking for your help.
Stand with rural communities » Tell McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook to buy potatoes produced with safe and sustainable farming practices, and to demand that the corporation’s potato suppliers — like the RD Offutt Company in Minnesota — reduce their use of harmful pesticides. 
Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve gotten the company’s attention. Now it’s time to ramp up the pressure.
Members of the Toxic Taters Coalition have experienced health harms and livestock losses from drifting pesticides. They’ve shown up at McDonald’s stores across the state, organized a tour of an organic potato farm, and asked the corporation’s shareholders to step up.
McDonald's can do this » Urge McDonald's to demand safe, sustainable potatoes that don't put rural communities in harm's way. As one of the largest buyers of potatoes in the world, McDonald's can change what happens in potato fields across the country. Let’s make it happen.

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