Wild and Scenic Rivers Threatened by Mining

Strip mining threatens wild rivers, salmon strongholds & botanical treasures
Mining companies want to strip mine nickel in the pristine headwaters of the Wild and Scenic Smith and Illinois Rivers in southwest Oregon. Nearby Hunter Creek and Pistol River are also at risk.

Good News! You can help protect 100,000 acres from future mining
Federal land managers are asking the Interior Department to protect roughly 100,000 acres of public land by putting it off-limits to new mining claims for five years. Those five years will give us time to push Congress to pass the Oregon Watershed and Salmon Protection Act for permanent protection.

What’s at stake?
Your voice will help protect the celebrated headwaters of three National Wild and Scenic Rivers that are a vital stronghold for salmon, steelhead, and cutthroat. This land also supports a treasure trove of botanical diversity with one of the highest concentrations of rare plants in North America!

Tell the Interior Department to protect wild rivers from strip mining!

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