Demand the US Coast Guard to Ban Fracking Waste Now

The U.S. Coast Guard has decided to use 40-year-old regulations that fail to address hydraulic fracturing waste. Frontline community groups are outraged. The Coast Guard believes that no new rules are needed on increasing shipments of toxic, radioactive hydraulic fracturing waste. Fracking wastes contain benzene and are laced with radioactive materials like water soluble radium-226, which is linked to leukemia and bone cancers. The Coast Guard will allow these shipments on a "case-by-case" basis but the cloak of secrecy.  Citizens, local governments and even water providers will not be allowed to know what is in these barges. This is un-American, we have the right to know!
Local groups like Buckeye Forest Council have been raising their voice for several years about the Coast Guard's slipshod procedures which allow barges to carry 5 million gallons each of liquid fracking wastes. The current regulations just aren't good enough!
Help us protect our nations drinking water. Please join with local activists in their petition to the Coast Guard asking that fracking waste be banned.

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