Canadian Mines Threaten Alaska Salmon Streams

In Northwest British Columbia, Canada, a modern-day gold rush is underway that could threaten Southeast Alaska’s salmon, rivers, fishing and tourism jobs, and unique way of life. Spurred by weakened environmental and fishery regulations and the construction of a massive new power line, at least ten large-scale mines are under consideration or development.
Most of these Canadian mineral projects are located in transboundary watersheds of key salmon rivers that flow into Southeast Alaska. The Taku, Stikine and Unuk watersheds are the cultural and economic lifeblood of Southeast Alaska. The mines are likely to produce acid mine drainage and toxic heavy metals.
Stakeholders on both sides of the border are asking for the International Joint Commission (IJC) to help resolve these issues. The next IJC meeting is April 18th.
Take Action: Tell the State Department to Protect Alaska Waters!

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