Niños rociados con agrotóxicos en Estados Unidos

Chemical spray poisoned my children

My name is Eron King. I live in beautiful rural Oregon with my partner, Justin, and our two young sons, Tobbe and Rowan. In 2008, our family moved onto our dream property—a stunning acre of land surrounded by streams and miles of forest near Triangle Lake.
That spring, helicopters began flying over the forest near our home, spraying toxic chemicals. We watched from my child’s bedroom window. Last year, these chemicals were found in our urine. We had been poisoned by logging practices that the Sustainable Forestry Initiative calls 'green'.
Will you join me in filing a complaint against the Sustainable Forestery Initative's greenwash to the Federal Trade Commission?
When we moved in we didn't know that logging companies, including Weyerhauser, actually own much of the forest around our home. We also didn’t know that Oregon laws, much to my horror, actually permit spraying of toxic herbicides. Over our community? Into our watershed? This couldn't be, I thought. Well, I was wrong.
I was shocked to discover that wood products that come from logging operations like this, which dump toxic chemicals on communities, are rubber-stamped "green" by a non-profit organization called the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). And then I found out, like you, that SFI is bought and paid for by the very timber companies it's supposed to certify.
I know you've already signed ForestEthics' petition asking the Federal Trade Commission to crack down on the lies of SFI. Thank you so much for that. Are you willing to take the next big step to stop SFI's tragic greenscam?
Please join me in taking two minutes to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. ForestEthics has made filing quick and easy for you and your complaint will be delivered on April 22, Earth Day.
I'm excited to join Jim Ace and to work with all of you in the ForestEthics network to stop the SFI scam. Let's make this happen!

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