Railways play with fire, but WA could get burned

Can you hear a train whistle through your kitchen window while you’re doing the dinner dishes? How about when lying in bed drifting off to sleep? Do you find yourself stopped at a railroad track waiting for a 100-car cargo train to pass on your way to work? If you find yourself near a train at any point on any given day then this concerns you.
Right now there are dozens of proposals by the oil industry to carry tar sands or explosive oil like Bakken crude from all over North America to the West Coast. And they want to ship it on the very railways that run through the hearts of hundreds of cities and communities.
Sign the petition to save our communities from a fiery oil train date.
What’s the problem with shipping oil by rail? In the last six months alone four trains carrying crude oil have derailed and each one exploded. I mean EXPLODED. A fiery nightmare ravaged the town of Lac-Megantic Quebec, killing 47 people, while in Casselton, North Dakota thousands of people were evacuated in the dead of winter as a fireball enveloped the sky. Don’t take my word for it. Watch this three-minute video that shows just how close the danger of oil trains is to every-day folks like you and me.
Don’t let this happen in any more cities in North America. Start by signing our petition to the Governors of Washington and of Oregon who have the power to stop half the West Coast oil project proposals in their tracks.They need to know that their decision impacts all of North America and we won’t sit back and let the oil industry blaze through our communities.

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