Tell Mongolian authorities to protect their environmental law

In 2009, Mongolian activist and Goldman Environmental Prize winner Tsetsegee Munkhbayar successfully convinced Parliament to pass long overdue protection of Mongolia’s precious water resources from mining’s impacts.
The mining industry fights back. In response to Munkhbayar’s success, the mining industry is pressing the Mongolian Government to cancel the implementation of this law in exchange for increased gold production.
Sent to prison for 21 years for protecting the environment. Munkhbayar and 2 of his colleagues were arrested when protesting changes to the law outside Parliament -- and have been sentenced to 21 years in prison.
And while Munkhbayar is sent to prison, the law he fought to protect is in greater danger than ever.
The next few weeks are crucial to convincing the Mongolian Parliament not to weaken the law and to take measures to implement it properly.
Help advance Munkhbayar's vision of defending Mongolia's water resources from dirty mining.

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