Protect the Misty Fjords from the KSM mega-mine

Southeast Alaska’s vast "transboundary" rivers (so-called because they flow from Canada into the U.S.) are the lifeblood of Alaska's fishing economy and Native cultures. And they're threatened by large-scale mining in their Canadian headwaters.
In July, Canada's federal government released its final environmental assessment of the proposed KSM mine—a mine on the Canadian/Alaska border that rivals the size and scope of the highly controversial proposed Pebble Mine. The KSM deposit sits at the headwaters of the salmon-rich Unuk River above Misty Fiords National Monument near Ketchikan, Alaska.
Alaskan tribes, fishermen and businesses are concerned that the KSM mine, with its three open pits and large tailings and waste rock dumps, will produce billions of tons of acid-generating waste.
And there's something you can do to help.
Canadian mine proposals that pose great environmental risk can, and should, be scrutinized with a “Panel Review.” A Panel Review of KSM would consider the mine's negative impacts on Alaska's fish, Native cultures, and water.
TAKE ACTION: Please act now to urge Canada's federal government to conduct a panel review of the proposed KSM Mine.

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