Keep Your Promise, Leave the Achuar in Peace!

Talisman: Keep Your Promise, Leave the Achuar in Peace!

The Achuar of the northern Peruvian Amazon are fighting to keep Canadian oil company Talisman Energy out of their ancestral territory, but the company continues to ignore the Achuar's demands and expand operations. Talisman's "divide and conquer" strategy is heightening tensions and the risk of conflict.
Now, in hopes of seeking a peaceful resolution, the Achuar leadership has invited Talisman CEO John Manzoni to visit their territory and hear directly from Achuar leaders and elders.
Support the Achuar now by signing the global petition to Talisman Energy demanding respect for the Achuar people's rights. When you sign the global petition, a letter will also be sent to Talisman CEO Manzoni requesting that he keep his promise to attend an Achuar Assembly meeting in their rainforest homeland.

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