Ojo con la certificación forestal, no garantiza nada

Don't get duped by the SFI!

Millions of US consumers are being tricked by one of the biggest marketing cons used today: greenwash. Greenwash is when companies label their products as “green” or “sustainable” when they’re not. Until now, some of the most clever greenwash offenders have gotten away with it. We’re going to stop one of them.
We’re pushing the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to call the bluff of a top greenwash offender, the phony Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), which is owned and operated by some of the biggest names in the logging industry. Take action with us today: sign our petition to the FTC.
SFI claims to certify materials made using “sustainable forestry” practices, but don’t be deceived; it’s created and operated by one of the biggest threats to forests in North America – the Big Timber industry. SFI certifies Big Timber's business-as-usual logging – that means clearcutting, destruction of old-growth forests, and spraying all sorts of nasty chemicals in our environment. 
It’s the FTC’s job to ensure that companies that claim to be green really are. We need them to take that job seriously so greenscammers like the SFI can’t trick us into thinking they’re doing the right thing when they’re really not.
If you’re trying to do the right thing and buy green products, you need confidence that you’re not getting duped. Unfortunately, when it comes to the greenscam SFI label (which shows up on some of the biggest brands in the world – think Time Warner, Hilton, and Sara Lee) you’re being had.
We’re not going to stand for this. SFI greenwash needs to be stopped, and the FTC can help us do that. Join us in asking the FTC to hold SFI responsible for duping consumers.

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